Tokyo sky view


Don’t be fooled by the skyscrapers, neon and men in Western business suits. This city celebrates its Japanese culture with kanji signs, kimono-clad women and samurai exhibits. Tokyo is a cool place for thrift lovers.


The Japanese people possess a culture that is popular worldwide. Athletes train in their martial arts, scientists study their technology and kids enjoy their video games, cartoons and comic books. Many people aspire to learn Japanese so they can understand Japanese ways of thinking. However, their speech and writing present significant challenges, especially to English speakers.



Tokyo architechture

Modern Japanese architectural styles began appearing in the late 1800s and then experienced another rapid surge after World War II, when the country rebuilt many of its important government buildings and national landmarks. Many modern Japanese architects struggle with the challenge of finding ways to implement new materials, technology and international trends while still retaining some aspect of distinctly traditional Japanese style.


Some good examples of modern Japanese architecture include the Tokyo Train Station, the National Diet Building, the National Gymnasiums for the Tokyo Olympics and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government Building, all of which are in Tokyo, as well as the Hyogo Prefectural Museum of Art in Kobe and the Umeda Sky Building in Osaka.

Tokyo city

Tokyo, Japan